First Run

Good thing i thought twice about calling in that drone strike on Segway of Oakland because when i got home Saturday night the day’s mail included a check from them repaying me in full for the amount they’d charged to install the new motherboard that didn’t quite last its entire first trip. So i called ’em Monday and suggested that they cancel that check and send me a smaller one that deducts their labor for installing the motherboard that didn’t work.  They agreed that would be fair.

I slept in Sunday morning and woke up to the realization that i had driven 900 miles the day before without a single chocolate milkshake.  Sure never did that before.

So after sipping a cup of coffee i stumbled down to the wounded Prius and found both my camera and the Segway keys.  So since i finally, finally again have a working Segway, what better trial run than down to the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, which i’ve hardly visited for a month owing to the transportation difficulty.

And while i’m at it, stop by the library to pick up my reserved copy of Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories, an attack on the AMA and the rest of the medical establishment for their support of low fat diets for the past forty years and an argument in favor of a low carbohydrate diet.  I’ve been doing a little advance reading on the subject and am already convinced to cut back even more on carbohydrates, which my doctor has been pushing for the past couple of years, although i’m also going to try not to wolf bacon the way the Atkins dieters did.

Oh, and while i’m in the market area i could swing by Pearl Deluxe Burger and have their half pound of bloody beef between two thin buns.  Hold the bacon and cheese.

Except that when i got to the market and was giving Catherine and her young assistant sample size bottles of my Dandelion Chocolate-enhanced chocolate sauce i happened to glance at the power gauge on the Segway.  Aieeeeeeeeee!

Well yes, the new Segway had been meticulously maintained and exceeded expectations in every other way, but i cannot imagine why i might have thought it would come with a new set of batteries.

So now my life is somewhat recomplicated in that i’ll have to use Muni and BART to help extend my Segway range until i can deal with figuring out how to ship the old set of lithium batteries off for rebuilding, which means tracking down the hazmat packaging requirements and then meeting them.

I’ve been too occupied to take pics recently on sunny days, so i’ll have to share this indoor sight that i captured when i realized that while it seems perfectly reasonable here in the People’s Republic of San Francisco, it might elevate an eyebrow elsewhere.











Filtered through what? i wondered.

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