Asparagus is Here

I bought that bunch of asparagus yesterday because i’d been thinking about it since writing about finding a patch growing in my yard in Midland, and it’s now in the markets. And what should i do with it other than my favorite dish that i mentioned, the “Creamed Eggs and Asparagus Cockaigne”? Thinking that i might find an online version of this recipe, i googled the title and got page after page of hits on it. Then i looked a little more closely at a few of these hits and realized that they were all the demon spawn of some thieves who have a business model in which they build websites for American grocery stores and then put stolen recipes in them.

The asparagus recipe is copied word for word from Joy of Cooking in all of the websites and so crudely done that it contains ingredients like “au gratin I” that in the original cookbook has a page number leading you to the first version of an au gratin topping. The recipe also includes ludicrous typos like “Serve with French” because when they blocked and copied the text to plagiarize it, they missed the last word, “bread”.

So no, lest i sink to the level of those website thieves, i will not be giving you Joy‘s recipe here, but i can talk about what i do now based on their original recipe, which is on page 224 of the 1963 edition and 202 of the 1975 edition (which was reprinted up through 1996). Yes, i owned both editions, and then in June bought the 75th Anniversary edition of 2006 to show solidarity but discovered when i got home that the creamed egg and asparagus recipe is not in this edition.

For those who don’t own an older edition of Joy of Cooking, i’ve put into my recipe section my own version of the old Joy recipe, see Asparagus with Creamed Eggs.

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