Segwayless Mode

Today marked a full week since i’d taken the dead Segway over to Oakland to get it fixed, so i finally broke down this noon and called ’em to inquire about progress since i’d called on the previous Wednesday. Turns out they couldn’t extract a confession even with those electric probes, and they’d given up. They first thought the problem was in my batteries, so they tried to rejuvenate them. When that proved unsuccessful, they threw a couple of good batteries on it, and it still “threw a wrench”.

It had been throwing wrenches for me since noon on the 2nd of March, but i didn’t know the idiom to describe it flashing a little wrench logo on the display and refusing to start. We all know how much i adore idioms, but that’s one i’d just as soon never have learned since it means that the Segway isn’t reparable locally and must be sent back to the factory in New Hampshire for re-education.

At this point, they can’t even tell me for sure what the diagnosis will be when the factory opens it up, and all we know for certain is that it’ll be expensive. And since the damn thing has to go back and forth across the continent, who the hell knows when i’ll get it back. Sigh.

I was already feeling sorry for myself for having been without it for over a week. Damn damn damn, now it’s gonna be three or four, and life is so much harder without the Segway. Like for example it being impossible to go to the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market without doing an elaborate two bus adventure, using the 24 to get me up and down the hill and the 48 to run up and down thru Noe Valley, plus of course who knows how long waiting to transfer between them, not to mention the two block walk each way between here and the 24. But there’s no parking for blocks in any direction on the morning of the market. And after all that has been whined, i am acutely aware that life would be vastly more difficult if i were in a wheelchair, so suck it up, Matte.

On the other hand, the blooms are spreading nicely up the inflorescence of that A. attenuata on 21st Street, and in the daytime there’s parking right across the street for the photographers:

Agave attenuata


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