Culinary Update

A couple of items here. First, the city has been trying for decades with little success to address the myriad problems of the stretch of Market Street from 5th to, oh, say Duboce, but especially the 6th Street to 8th Street section plus the first couple of blocks of 6th Street itself. Some Realtor types have actually spoken of “gentrifying” the area, but frankly i think actual gentrification would require the nuclear option. Still, i am clinging to a little hope that the area might be undergoing what honestly might at least be called an upgrade, as more and more reasonably priced, high quality eateries have been opening.

So i stopped at Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers at the corner of 6th and Market to express my support.

Isn’t it wonderful when you get an instant reward for doing a good deed!

Well, if consuming a medium rare Deluxe Burger, hold the lettuce, could be construed by any stretch of the imagination to be a good deed since it consists of a half pound (that’s 225 grams!) of ground beef with mayonnaise, onion, and tomato on a bun. Well seasoned with guilt.

I don’t recall ever having eaten a better hamburger, and for sure i’ll be taking my European visitors there, especially since they offer a more reasonable quarter-pound version and are somewhat better and much more conveniently located than In-and-Out Burger.

The other item regards a place at which i’ve not yet eaten although a couple of ’em are nearby. I’m adding this because i got a flyer on my doorknob from them: Sushi Raw. The reviews of the place range widely, and there are many one and two star reviews, which makes me nervous. I’m writing about them, though, because one item on their menu leaped off the page at me. Here’s the Special Rolls menu for the Haight Street location. I direct your attention to the ninth item.

Texas Roll – Eel Avocado Roll Wrapped with Beef Served w/ House Special Sauce

Oh please. A sushi roll wrapped with beef sounds utterly bizarre to me, with or without the Special Sauce. Not a combination that clicks for me. Worse yet, eel?? I mean, i love eel, but i haven’t lived in Texas for forty years. And yes, i can see calling it a Texas Roll because of the beef, but who ever heard of a Texan eating eel? Hell, the only way i can imagine getting a Texan to eat eel would be to trick him by calling it rattlesnake.

Euphorbia cyparissius

Meanwhile, more evidence of springtime in San Francisco, identified by my friend David:

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