16 February 2012

Ambushed in Sonoma

One of my loyal readers asked the other day how things were going with my new body, and i realized it was time for an update. For those who are tuning in late, i wrote in the 2010 Christmas Letter and some entries at the beginning of 2011 about the successful transplant of my brain into the body of a 160 lb. mountain lion. You can imagine his disappointment when he woke up in my old body.

I still spend most of my time in the city, but as often as possible i like to go for a run in the hills, partly just for the exercise but also to contribute to the genetic health of our wildlife by culling some of the weak and slow. So a couple of weeks ago i was out there up above Sonoma when the weirdest thing happened.

I was loping along enjoying the wind in my fur when suddenly it was as if aliens had taken control of my body, and i had this urge to backtrack a bit to examine this piece of what looked like old carpeting with nubs sticking out of it. And as i got closer to it, things got stranger and i found myself rolling around on it on my back like some damn little cub playing.

I couldn’t gather the willpower to pull myself away until i had this mental image of a row of deer watching me from up on the ridge and laughing their fat butts off. That tore it.

Even after i escaped, though, i didn’t understand what was going on until i read an article in the Chronicle about a Sonoma biologist (the answer to the mystery is on page 3).

Here’s a fuller explanation of the phenomenon.

And yes, i realize he’s on my side, but i still feel a little used….or at least manipulated.


Springtime in SFMeanwhile, it is Spring in San Francisco or what?

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