Farmers’ Market Discovery

I went out yesterday morning to the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market to pick up some kiwis from Glenn Tanimoto so i could make another batch of the pepper-flavored kiwi jam, and as i glided in noticed a new vendor. I came very close to dismissing them as purveyors of horribly expensive snack foods but luckily caught out of the corner of my eye an arresting sight.

So i skidded to a stop long enough for the cunning vendor to thrust a sample at me. Silly me, i took it. I mean, i’m an experienced farmers’ marketeer and know very well not to take samples. After all, they wouldn’t be offering it if the damn thing weren’t delicious, would they? So once you put it in your mouth, the only question is how much of it you’re going to buy.

The okra was just superb – light, flavorful, and crispy – and once she had the hook set, she kept offering me samples of their other items. The beet slices are divine and make a nice color/flavor contrast with the okra. I went online at Gourmet Snackers to see their full line and couldn’t help noticing that they also sell the stuff in larger quantities at an enormous price break.

And yes, you read about this here, first, before that pig Mark discovered it.

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