Field Trip

My friend Mark called my attention to the Here Be Dragons exhibition at the Intersection for the Arts, so i suggested that we take a look at it and combine this with lunch at the Rib Whip truck, which i had determined was going to be parked today four blocks down Mission. Mark is a fellow food truckie, but by delicious chance he’d not eaten from the Rib Whip truck, so we made a field trip (his description, dammit).

Damn, but it’s hard to take good photos of food, and my miserable attempt to capture the soul of the Rib Whip’s sublime pulled pork sandwich was so dreadful that i won’t use it. Mark had the pulled pork sandwich, too, and approves. Try it for yourself although in the interests of taxonomic precision i must warn you that the pork, while eminently pullable, is served unpulled. Here’s the Rib Whip’s Facebook page, which gives their schedule.

After gorging, we regrouped at the Intersection, which gave me an opportunity to demonstrate that a Segway is a far faster vehicle in downtown gridlock than Mark’s motorscooter owing to my ability to use bike lanes, marked or not. I also nearly demonstrated my terminal display of vehicular virtuosity, as i was very nearly taken out by an impatient SUV that elected to join me in the bike lane while i was right beside him. Gasp.

If you haven’t been to the Intersection for the Arts, do so. It fairly sizzles with artistic creativity. And if you haven’t seen the Here Be Dragons exhibition, i recommend it highly. It supplements Rebecca Solnit’s Infinite City. Perhaps my favorite work was Jenny Odell’s exquisitely minimalistic bird’s-eye portrait of Dolores Park formed entirely of little specks representing the people (and nothing else) in the park on a sunny afternoon, thus defining the park by its users. I loved the whole thing so much i’m gonna swing by again.

On the way home i dropped in on Clarion Alley to see what was new and found this slightly defaced tribute to Mohamed Bouazizi, arguably the initiator of the Arab Spring revolts that swept North Africa in 2011:

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