A Low Cloud

Here’s a low cloud that was hanging over the valley to my west the other morning:

low cloud


And actually, there’s been rather a low cloud over my life recently, as i came down with a cold shortly after Christmas, and it is hanging on with uncommon persistence. But now that i’ve complained, i’ve had some good news, too.

First, all that poking around under the hood with sharp objects seems to have worked, and i’m ecstatic to announce that your beloved Matte Gray website is once again being found by Google searches. Better yet, all those unwanted hits on the defunct Matte Gray blog on Blogsite are no longer appearing, that stake through its heart apparently having done the job.

But there’s more. I decided this morning that i could put it off no longer and returned to the gym for a light reintroductory workout. Jumped on the scale and discovered the fringe benefit of being sick for two weeks….i’d lost three pounds and am now finally back into the 150’s. Was gonna go rushing out to the bakery to celebrate but held myself back.

Here’s a Segway gang, the Balanced Angels, showing their colors while interviewing a prospective mama in Golden Gate Park:

Balanced Angels

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