December 2011

Another Try

OK, i can’t just drop the site without making a little effort, and i’ve found a crumb of good news.  If you click on a link to this website, you go here with no problem, which means that at least the kind friends who have links to me on their websites and the readers who had bookmarked me can still visit the site.

On the other hand, i did a Yahoo search a moment ago and found that this site is just as invisible to Yahoo searches as it is to Google searches.

To brighten things up, here’s evidence that San Francisco does in fact have fall foliage

I’m taking all this as an opportunity to say Thanks, folks to all the people who bookmarked this site and continue to read it.

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Winter Doldrums

First, a warning to anyone who’s been reading my tales:


It occurred to me recently that i’ve been posting this material for ten years now, the Journal 1999 and 2000 being retrofits.  In the autumn of 2001 the webmaster of asked me to be a content provider, and i eagerly accepted the offer and continued giving him material for posting until i built this site of my own in the summer of 2010.

At any rate, here’s a couple of recent pics.  First, the Santa Claus house on 21st Street, just as the decoration of the tree is beginning:


And another sideways winter sun shot


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