A Final Outrage

I’d begun to worry, but i knew in my heart i could count on ’em to come through with another outrage before the year ended.  Yep, God’s Own Roman Catholic Church strikes again.  Their Chicago Cardinal has pronounced that the local gays were attempting to “stifle the religious freedom of the Catholic Church” by moving the route of their increasingly popular annual gay parade to a street that passes in front of a Catholic church.  Yes, the queers weren’t clear that once a Catholic Church is built, it gets to control use of all city streets that pass near it.

Frankly, Your Silken Crimsonness, it’s high time gays woke up and realized that our most vicious enemy in this country is the Roman Catholic Church and that we damn well ought to start fighting back against its continual attacks on us.

The Cardinal went on to complain that the gays were ” like the Ku Klux Klan in demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.”  Oh please.  I’d been thinking of the KKK as this racist group that devoted itself to cross burnings and lynching of blacks, but now that i know they were also anti-Catholic i realize that they weren’t all bad.

The cardinal’s whining is a routine feature of Roman Catholic propaganda.  They paint themselves as victims because they no longer have the power to burn us at the stake.  I just love that.  And what i love almost as much as their no longer having the power to burn me is that they know they once had the power and no longer do.

We need to reroute the San Francisco gay parade from Market Street over to Mission Street so that it will pass in front of a Catholic church and all the marchers can scream abuse and strew obscene confetti as they pass it.   Now that, Your Idiocy, would be “demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.”

Let’s do it.

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