The Sticking Place

While i hunt for a sticking place to which i might screw my courage and try in the face of near certain failure to figure out what’s gone wrong with searches and fix it, i’ll toss out a bit of the twisted humor that formerly distinguished this site.
It just occurred to me that the finest gift my friends could give their grandchildren would be to pay their tuition for a certification-level course in unmanned drone operation, a growth field in which there will always be plenty of jobs available.  And not only that, but safe jobs, since the drones are operated from secure, airconditioned command centers.
For now, we’re targeting evildoers on the other side of the globe, but soon the targets will be disruptive forces here at home that must be put down to maintain our security and preserve our freedom.  You know, things like unauthorized demonstrations and Occupy encampments.
And if not a drone operator, maybe a charter bus driver.

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