11 November 2011

Quake Catcher Updated

The folks at Stanford finally worked down to me in their pile of applications for membership in the Quake Catcher Network and sent me my sensor yesterday.  So i oriented it, stuck it to the floor, and plugged it into my computer.  I’d already downloaded BOINC, so all i had to do was download the QNC driver and set my location.

Now i’m up and running, doing my part to track earthquakes.  For my instant reward, i can log in and see where earthquakes >3.5 have occurred over the past week everywhere on the planet.  What’s more, i now have this fab screensaver of a slowly rotating globe displaying selected earthquakes.

Fullscreen capture 11262011 94956 AM (1)

There’s only one thing missing now, and i’m drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for it.

Allen used to say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Meanwhile, our city engineers are hard at work improving Dolores Park:

Dolores Park upgrade

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