A Coastal Adventure

Will he ever learn? they ask.  Not bloody likely.  After only two months of recovery from the exhaustion of my Amsterdam adventure, i’m ready for another one.

Well, see, i’ve been living in San Francisco continually since June of 1975, but i have never been farther north than a line from Mendocino to Ukiah, to Redding, to Sacramento, to Reno, to Salt Lake City, to Denver to St. Louis to Chicago to Indianapolis to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, to Albany to Boston to Nantucket.  Most of that i feel no need to see, but i don’t like having missed the rest of northern California, western Oregon and Washington, and Vancouver.

And here i am with our beautiful Indian Summer weather, at least locally, and plenty of time before i need to start making batches of feijoa chutney.  And feeling OK, so on Sunday i’m going to throw into the back of my Prius a suitcase with a few changes of clothes, both cameras, my laptop, a little cooler, and my Segway.

And i’m going to head north on 101 to Cloverdale, cut across to Mendocino on the coast, and follow the coast north, stopping for photogenic sights and spending the nights in cheap motels until i run out of energy, i encounter more than one day of rain in succession, or i reach Vancouver.  Whichever comes first.  And at that point i’ll turn around and come back home on I-5, ideally passing by the Sundial Bridge at a time when i can get more pics.

I want to go ahead and make this trip before the revolution gets underway, as they are best experienced from the comfort of one’s own home.

And since i know in advance that i’m seventy, i’ll be stopping early to get good nights’ rests and expect to be able to post some pics and a draft version of the adventure every night….or so.

garbageStay tuned.  Oh, and here’s a judgmental little apartment on Noe off 18th Street.

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