Seasonal Foods

Chaucer wrote of his Franklin, ” After the sondry sesons of the yeer / So chaunged he his mete and his soper.”

Well yes, me too.  And after decades of shopping at our farmers’ markets, i now have a pretty good idea about who’s gonna be having what, when and can routinely ask a vendor when he’ll be bringing a certain item to market and have him grin and say ‘Next week.’

I’m plotting a little excursion north now during this window of weather opportunity, but another factor in the timing is that i can be gone in the slack period between the end of the fresh cranberry beans and the beginning of the feijoas.

But it’s not just produce.  Yesterday i was passing the Noe Valley Bakery and suddenly realized that i’d better make an inquiry about their pecan pie, which is according to everyone who’s ever tasted it, better than Mother’s and is, like many other excellent foods, seasonal.  So i ducked in and asked the clerk when they’d be opening their season.


So i ordered one and paid for it.  Picked it up while ago.

Meanwhile, i have to hurry up and post this because it’s lunchtime:

Noe Valley Bakery Pecan Pie

Here’s the pie at noon on the 23rd.  That pig Jeff ate a generous piece:


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