Fall Fashion Update

Regarding my earlier comments about men’s mothers buying their underwear until the bride takes over this task, i’ve been informed by a couple of reliable sources that, on the contrary, their underwear and socks are the only items of clothing that their wives allow them to purchase for themselves.  Although, that said, i was just informed by my friend Sue that she feels pretty sure that her SO of many years is still being supplied with underwear by his mother.   So it can go either way.

Now about those newfangled socks i wrote about last month in The Fashion Police.  I took a clipboard into the gym the other day to do a careful survey.  As it turned out, the clipboard was unnecessary, as the only other human being in the entire gym besides myself who was wearing traditional, visible socks was this old walrus with whom i shudder at the very idea of expressing sartorial solidarity.  Ummm, continuing to show solidarity.

So something has to be done.

I dug deep into my white sock drawer and unearthed in a sedimentary layer at the back a pair of those tube socks that were popular in the seventies.  And since that was before most of the folks in the gym were born, i won’t look hopelessly out of fashion and in fact might very well spark a new trend.  I’ll wear ’em tomorrow morning.

With shoes.  The scabs and scars are optional, but all us athletic guys are sporting ’em.

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