The Fashion Police

I have moaned before over my having been shortchanged in the gay gene i got since clearly there is chromosome damage at several points, perhaps the most dramatic being that i have little sense of style and less interest in it.

Yet another example of this was revealed to me this morning at the gym when after eight months of attendance i noticed a well turned ankle on one of the young men.  And then i looked, and looked, and looked some more and saw that all the young men (and even the middle age ones) were sporting well turned ankles.  They’re not wearing socks!

No no, wait.  They are wearing a foot garment, a sort of sock without a top like women wore with athletic shoes fifty years ago. If you look closely, you can see the edge of it showing where the foot enters the shoe.

I tried ever so casually using the toe of my right shoe to push the top of my left sock down around the ankle but that just looked like i had a fat ankle, and besides, the most casual observer could immediately see that i was making a pathetically unsuccessful attempt to be stylish.  And if there’s anything worse than being oblivious to style, it’s trying to be stylish and failing.

So i guess i’ll have to buy some of the damn things although in the first place i already have a lifetime supply of white socks, and worse yet, i figure since these things are clearly all the rage they’ll probably cost more than real socks.

A secure apartment on Alvarado Street

A secure apartment on Alvarado Street

Oh, but wait.  I just took my shoes and socks off, looked closely, and determined that the more of this scarred and battered flesh i can cover, the happier everybody’ll be.  What i really need is some of those socks that come all the way up and cover my calf so that the only skin showing below the long shorts would be the knobby knees.

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