A Feeding Frenzy

It started out innocently enough.  I decided i wouldn’t even go to the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market this morning since i can’t imagine missing the Castro Farmers’ Market in the afternoon.

But then i realized that i just had to take a jar of the jelly i made from the Santa Rosa Creek blackberries to Poli Yerena and his wife, and maybe Glenn Tanimoto and the Schletewitz folks, and the Hoover folks, not having seen them for six weeks.  So i went on down there.

And everything was going fine until i spotted this year’s crop of fresh cranberry beans for $1.50/lb and grabbed a bag of those and a few red onions, and then out of the corner of my eye noticed that my favorite okra vendor had near-perfect pods for $2/lb and some cute Thai peppers for $3/lb.  And then when i handed Glenn his jelly i noticed that he had his French plums, so i got a small bag of those just to eat.  And across from him this vendor had good looking Dapple Dandy pluots for $1.50/lb.  And then on the way to Schletewitz’s nectarines, my pepper man had perfect red New Mexico peppers.

By this time, i had so many bags hanging off the Segway handlebars that it was looking like a homeless person’s repurposed grocery cart, but somehow i got everything home safely.

And now the nectarines, the pluots, and three of the New Mexico chiles are simmering into a jam, and i’m headed out to the Castro Farmers’ Market.  Well, see, I forgot the garlic.

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