15 October 2010

Humphry Slocombe

This afternoon i rode down to Arizmende and picked up a plain sourdough baguette and then went down 24th Street all the way to Harrison so i could try the ice cream at Humphry Slocumbe at Mark’s recommendation.

balmyJust before i got to Harrison, though, i was seduced into the murals of Balmy Alley.

In Humphry Slocombe, i agonized over the menu and then settled on the Boccalone Prosciutto. The first bite was wonderful, “Ooo Mommie” i squealed. But by the time i’d finished the scoop i was wishing i’d listened to Mark and had the Ancho Chocolate….or maybe stopped at Lucca Deli on Valencia and had a prosciutto sandwich.

Still, i have to go back until they have the foie gras flavor.

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