Except for the Queers

OK, i said i’d shut up for a while about the persecution of gays by the world’s religions. And i did. For a whole damn year after my disappointment over the November 2008 passage of Proposition 8, which amended the California constitution to prohibit the marriage of same-sex couples, a right which had been granted by a court order the previous spring. Here’s a little history on Prop 8 that details how a coalition of Catholics, Mormons, and evangelicals led by His Evil Excellency George Niederauer, Archbishop of San Francisco and Persecuter of the Perverts, raised tens of millions of dollars nationwide in their campaign to show the world how profoundly their Jesus hates fags and to deny us marriage, not in their rotten, gold-encrusted God-emporia, but rather in secular ceremonies at City Hall.

But there’s a trial going on right now in San Francisco’s 9th U.S. District Court under Judge Vaughn Walker that has had ramifications requiring some brief comments. It’s Perry vs. Schwarzenegger and pits four gay plaintiffs against the State of California, drawing on the 1967 decision in Loving vs. Virginia that invalidated laws forbidding interracial marriage and arguing that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional on a federal level because marriage is a fundamental human right that cannot be denied any group in society, even if a bare majority of California voters happen to be vicious, hate-filled bigots inflamed by a mendacious hate campaign financed by the Mormons and Catholics as their expression of Christ’s abiding love.

Taking into consideration the wide public interest in the trial, Judge Walker initially ruled that the trial could be recorded and retransmitted live into selected federal courtrooms in his district, but the defenders of Prop 8 immediately protested on the grounds that witnesses from their side might fear harassment from gays if their names and faces were revealed to the public. People like myself who have been persecuted all our lives by the Christian bigots who had had us expelled from our universities, fired from our jobs, dishonorably discharged from the military, etc. etc. were bitterly amused that the Christians now would be claiming that they feared harassment by a bunch of sissies, but unfortunately the Supreme Court (led by Scalia who in earlier decisions had been in favor of court cameras before he realized that televising this trial might help the fags) jumped in and agreed that while the Sixth Amendment to our Constitution still gives normal people the right to confront their accusers, an exception should be made in this case by adding the phrase, “except for the queers.”

Next, i expect the court to add this exception to the remaining amendments in the Bill of Rights. After all, what need does a filthy fucking faggot have for freedom of speech or, God forbid, the right to bear arms to protect himself from his oppressors?

kayakAnd now, to lower my blood pressure, a beauty break – the kayak shed on Mission Creek:

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