February 2009


I spotted this afternoon an only-in-San Francisco moment, or maybe it was a simply a sign of our times:

A young street person, less scruffy than usual, holding up some text crudely lettered on a piece of cardboard. No, not the usual plea for spare change for a hot meal, but rather a straightforward business proposition. Alas, i was on the Segway and had forgotten my camera, but in any case, there was a line in front of him and i was in a rush. The sign?


I’m definitely gonna check out his corner tomorrow, as i can’t decide which i’m more likely to see: 1) same guy, same sign, but the price raised to whatever the market will bear or 2) in the true capitalist spirit, a row of competitors offering the same service at a discount.

I did think of a couple of profit-enhancing lines for him, though:

” That one was worth two dollars, Ma’am.”


“The dollar was for me alone, Sir. There is a two-dollar additional charge for invoking my mother.”

The pic of the day? Well, how ’bout this glimpse of the ovipositor of the elusive giant Castro arboreal wasp:


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