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Not to turn the Rev. Niemöller’s famous caution around, but they’re coming for me now. The Catholics and the Mormons have put a proposition on the ballot that would forbid homosexuals to marry. No wait, that’s not quite true, as it generously does allow us to marry persons of the opposite sex.

What kinda fries me about this, aside from the fact that they’re spending millions of tax-exempt bucks on a media campaign for the proposition, is that in addition to refusing to let me marry in their churches, which is just fine since you couldn’t drag me in there, now they’re trying to prevent me from marrying in my own church.

So if you want the Roman Catholic “His Holiness” and the Mormon “Prophet, Seer and Revelator” to start dictating what rites your church can perform, go right ahead and vote for Prop 8.

But remember that in my youth, you couldn’t buy contraceptives in the parts of this country that were controlled by the Roman Catholic Church. And the prohibition extended to everyone, not just Catholics. If they get the power, the religious fascists will be coming for you next.

Oh, but wait, they already are. Under the Bush regime, a pharmacy clerk can legally refuse to sell you condoms if doing so would conflict with his religious views, and both McCain and Palin favor a reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

And here’s some nifty trash cans in front of SFMOMA:

SFMOMA trash cans

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