At Sea

To lighten the tone, another solstice pic:


And a little tale from my career in the limo business in the early eighties.

A fairly frequent job was to pick up a couple and their tons of luggage at Pier 35 upon their return from a West Coast cruise, and they were normally very mellow and upbeat after the cruise.

One time, though, while we were waiting for the luggage to be unloaded, I noticed that all the men seemed rather subdued and even a bit gloomy. Finally, the reason for the solemnity emerged.

It seems that one of the passengers had died of a heart attack during the cruise. Considering the age of the typical passenger, this was not an especially unusual event, but what made it noteworthy was that the guy had had his attack in the wrong room.

That was bad enough, but what cast a serious pall over the remainder of the voyage for most of the men was that even though the chaplain, the captain, and the other officers all tried to talk the grieving widow out of it, she knew the law and insisted on a burial at sea.

Yeah, crab food.

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