Gay Hate Weekend

It’s Gay Pride Weekend, and the city is jumping. The streets, especially in this neighborhood, are literally thronged with gays from all over the world who are here, as usual this time of year, having fun on our national gay high holiday. Of course, this year some of them are also taking advantage of their new opportunity to marry.

I was coming up Market Street this afternoon on the Segway and fell in behind a packed F-Market streetcar, hanging out of the back of which were a couple of young women, clearly tourists, laughing and photographing the sights. We exchanged greetings and when I let the streetcar run interference for me as we turned left onto Noe, they added my photo to their collection.

I just love it that here, in this island of freedom and tolerance, we can have a parade and even decorate the side of Twin Peaks with a pink triangle this time every year, to help us remember the gays slaughtered by the Nazis.

pink triangle

This delights my warm brotherly old heart until I realize that well, tomorrow morning while the joyous parade is coming up Market Street, our loving Catholic leaders will be denouncing us as “objectively disordered grave threats to the family” from their tax-exempt, gold-encrusted pulpits. And our kindly Mormon leaders will be gathering tax-free funds to mount advertising campaigns against whatever euphemism they use for us filthy faggots. And except for the Episcopalians and the United Church of Christ, all the other Christian denominations join in the grand lie about how much they love us while legislating against us.

Oh please, say what you will about the Reverend Phelps, but the evil scumbag is at least honest enough to proclaim that God Hates Fags, singing lustily:

Jesus loves me more than you,

For the Bible says it’s true.

I know a good many Christians, and just as most of them see nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption even though their churches mandate complete abstention, they are also kind and decent people who don’t believe the message of hate against me that their churches preach. I love them for not buying into that and I celebrate their tolerance.

What I cannot celebrate, though, are the gay Christians. To me, being a gay Christian seems at best to be kissing the boot that kicks you, and often far worse than that. I look at the gay Catholic church in my neighborhood, and I see a bunch of gays who thanks to security in numbers in the safety of San Francisco are somehow protected against the discipline of their church. They worship in a renegade congregation that allows them to take communion as unrepentant practicing homosexuals, so long as they support in all other ways the church that persecutes them.

I picture a remote Bavarian village during the Third Reich where by chance the town leaders were gay and didn’t arrest fellow homosexuals, but rather led quiet lives as good Nazis, supporting Hitler’s “final solution” for the Jewish Problem.

Just as the Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews, the contemporary Catholic Church condemns millions of third world poor to deaths of AIDS by actively blocking their access to condoms, running up a death toll that will ultimately surpass Hitler’s. In both cases, underground gays support the evil practices of an institution that despises them.

And hey, if somebody thinks I’m coming down too hard on the Mormons and Catholics, I’m acutely aware that the Orthodox Jews, Hindus, Confucians, and Eastern Orthodox (and doubtless others I don’t know about) treat gays even worse … and the Moslems are in a category by themselves.

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