23 June 2008

The Segwayer and the Cop

The solstice this year coincided with some hot weather and clear skies, so I was able to use this narrow window of opportunity to get some pics of illuminated northern facades.



Meanwhile, More Adventures of Matte Gray, Senior Segwayer:

This morning I encountered at the intersection of Noe and 18th Streets a San Francisco motorcycle cop who nurses a narrow and ungenerous definition of the word, “STOP.”

After he chased me down, not too hard when the miscreant is on a vehicle with a top speed of 12MPH, we had a discussion about how he’d seen me before, which is unsurprising since it’s pretty hard to hide on a Segway. Then he clarified that what he’d been seeing was some rather incomplete stops, but that this last one was too blatant to ignore.

After some discussion, we agreed that I might mend my ways without the necessity of a ticket….this time. Since then I’ve developed a technique in which I whip my body forward as the Segway wheels stop so that my momentum catapults me off the line and I return to full speed in an instant.

The letter of the law, that’s me.

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