29 March 2008


First, some blue stairs:

blue stairs

From: Area S Blackout Warden

To: Area S Citizens

Date: 29 March 2008

Subj: Compliance Report

Pursuant to my duties as described in People’s Republik Green Regulation 5301.433, on the evening of 29 March between 2000 and 2100 hours I conducted surveillance excursions throughout Area S to determine compliance with the Earth Day Blackout.

A full report will be issued upon completion of the statistical analyses in approximately one week.

A summary report can be issued immediately: Dreadful. A bare majority participated.

At least at the neighborhood level. Compliance at the city level was little better. Although your warden could see that quite a few downtown highrises were less bright, the Bay Bridge tower lights were off, and vehicular traffic in the neighborhood was reduced.

So it’s a start.

Of course I imagine that as a counter-protest against this godless Californication the citizens of Odessa left their full-size SUVs idling in their driveways for the hour.

With the lights on.

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