15 September 2006

The Farm

I’m back from a whirlwind visit to the Witenagemot Correctional Farm in Schaghticoke, NY. I brought so much stress with me that I was an asshole, but they were nice. Jim was as wonderful as ever, and the better I got to know Susan and Art, the more I liked them….which says a lot.

Here’s the farm:

Witenagemot Farm

Actually, they omit “Correctional” on their tee-shirts, but anybody who thinks he can visit a working farm without working is mentally one basket short of a flat.

Seriously, just to be clear about this, I was an eager volunteer, and secondly, I brought back literally as much as I could carry, which was I’m sure worth more than I earned with my feeble contribution.

What I also brought back was a heightened appreciation of the labor that goes into the luxury produce I buy at the Ferry Plaza and other fine farmers’ markets.


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