August 2006


This noon my friend Bob called and invited me to drop everything and meet him at a theater

in Mill Valley to see Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, that wonderful Cohen tribute/documentary film. Leonard performs only one song in it, but many of the covers are excellent, most especially Rufus Wainwright on “Everybody Knows” and Nick Cave on “Suzanne.” I recommend this movie.

It was filmed almost entirely at a concert a year ago in Australia, which helps explain a purely unintentional boffo moment at the end when the credits were scrolled. Three men were given credit as Producers, the middle of whom was Mel Gibson, who more recently made himself infamous for a virulent drunken anti-semitic misogynist tirade after a traffic stop in California.  Late note:  this was apparently merely the first in a series of vicious anti-semitic tirades from this devout Christian.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

Something happened when Bob was buying my ticket that I suppose I should have anticipated happening again someday even though it has been about forty years since the last time.

I was carded.

This time, though, for the senior discount.

Well yes, over in Marin County, folks under 80 are insulted if they’re not carded.

Oh, and speaking of cards, this morning at the farmers’ market Sybil gave me a birthday card, and when I opened it, another card fell out….a senior discount BART ticket.

I never dreamed I’d get so much fun out of being 65.

Oh, and the other news is that my L. pseudotruncatella v. groendravensis is blooming.  I just love plants that have blossoms larger than themselves:

L. pseudotruncatella v. groendravensis

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