9 February 2006


My old friend Jim, a fellow passionate patriot and Vietnam-era veteran who in his case actually served in Vietnam, emailed me yesterday and closed with the suggestion that I say “hi” to the folks who are doing the data mining, reviewing all our email for treason, smut, blasphemy, and such.

I’m way ahead of him. Owing to my, ahem, constructive criticism of the Bush Administration, I’ve already been assigned my very own personal Data Miner. His name’s Rajiv, working out of Mumbai. Says he makes a good living, and he and his wife are saving up for an apartment of their own.

He’s made a couple of suggestions as to how I could make his job easier, and as a loyal American with nothing to hide, I’m happy to help.

Hi, Rajiv. Logging on.

Good morning, Matte. Sleep well?

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