November 2005

Good Time

I spent the day before Thanksgiving in Moffett hospital while they tried, with only marginal success, to fix my neck.

The best part was that today I got a good laugh out of the Thanksgiving crowd next door when I pulled my tee shirt collar down just a bit and revealed this electrical snap-on connector still glued firmly to my collarbone.

See, as I was pulling the others off this morning before I showered, I couldn’t help noticing that considerable advances had been made in medical adhesives, YIPE!, and then it struck me that I could leave one on and work a joke around it.

“For a good time, connect me to your PlayStation®”.

And taking advantage of our winter morning sun, here’s a moiré effect on Market Street near the Federal Reserve Bank:

Moiré on Market

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This one they printed:

Editor, The San Francisco Chronicle

I am reading with interest your series touting the installation of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, but so far I have not seen articulated what I feel to be the strongest argument against such a barrier: my right to govern my own life.

On the left, liberal do-gooders claim they know what’s best for me while on the right, religious fundamentalists try to make me follow their rules.

All I want is for both groups to leave me alone.

I offer this suggestion as the most selfless public service since I would never exercise my right to jump off any bridge, being scared to death of heights.

Matte Gray


Oh, and speaking of scared of heights, here’s an arborist removing a huge Canary Island Pine from my neighbor’s yard:



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