Time for a pic. Here’s an early morning shot on Market Street:

Market Street

Omigod. I just ate something really fabulous.

A handful of fresh pohas smothered in lemon yogurt.

Yesterday I discovered that the poha jam I’ve been reading about is in fact divine, but I also discovered that to convert ten bucks worth of pohas (at the jam-maker’s discount, yet!) into jam was a long, tedious process that resulted in a miserable three 8oz. jars of jam.

And stupid me, I had invited some neighbors to hang around and watch the end of the process, so of course I had to give them one piping-hot jar, and another jar has to go to Lee James, with whom I’d discussed making the jam out of her pohas. So I’m sitting here looking at one jar for myself.

So when somebody gives you a jar of poha jam, know that they damn well love you. And don’t nobody hold their breath for one from me, neither, because in addition to the above problem, I am in general getting too busy having fun, now that I can walk again, to be spending my days over hot stoves and steaming cauldrons.

Instead, you can just rip a handful of the little darlings out of their husks and eat ’em with lemon yogurt. You won’t be sorry. It’s real easy and real delicious.

Just go to Whole Foods and make a scene until they bring out that case they were saving for themselves. Ignore the price and fill a bag.

Here’s some information about the Poha.)

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