Oh, I have whined.

I have whined about how swiftly my sins are often punished. Well now, I can unwhine, as a good deed got an incredibly fast reward. Here’s how it went down:

Some weeks ago I had finished packing one of my friend Jim’s inheritance items, but then I checked on the web and discovered that if I drove across town and took it to UPS instead of running down to the local post office, I could save lots and lots of money, easily ten dollars.

And then I realized that hey, I should just wait until I’d finished packing the remaining two items and take all three packages to UPS at once, thus saving several cents worth of gasoline and maybe an hour’s worth total of my precious time.

A no-brainer, actually.

Well, until as the weeks went by with no further packing action, modest crumbs of guilt began accumulating at the edges of my consciousness…and continued to accumulate until they had reached feast proportions. So this morning, gorged on guilt, I actually sat down and filled out the address labels and the shipping form and placed the package conveniently beside the front door in anticipation of taking it to UPS on the way home from the Slanted Door after lunch.

And then I jumped in the shower to get ready ahead of time for lunch so that I could watch Andre play this Canadian upstart in the ATP Masters in Montreal until the last possible moment before I had to depart.

And God looked down upon me and thought, hey, why not now? And He caused a rain to fall upon Montreal, thus delaying Agassi’s match this morning by fifteen minutes. And then He caused the producers at ESPN to think, hey, why don’t we fill that fifteen minutes with coverage of the end of last night’s match between Lleyton Hewitt and Max Miryni. So I got to see Lleyton llose, one of my favorite activities!

And to sweeten His gift, since I took that time to get the package ready, I did not get far enough in this morning’s paper to discover that Lleyton had lost, so I got the agony of the drama, too.

Now I’ll probably choke on a chicken bone at lunch, but that’ll be alright.

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