You Be the Judge

What’s that old line about how sometimes the fears of paranoids are real? Well, I know I’m a bit demented. Certainly there’s ample evidence. But it may be jumping the gun to accuse me of delusions of grandeur. Here’s the situation, you be the judge:

For the past couple of weeks, San Francisco has experienced summer with a vengeance, by which I mean a seemingly uninterrupted cold wind off the ocean bringing with it daily overcasts that barely burn off even in the middle of the day and make it unwise to venture from one’s home without a coat.

Yesterday, I announced that I would be going out this morning and purchasing multiple flats of berries and conducting jelly testing all day today. Over a hot stove.

Consequently, dare I say, this morning dawned bright and clear and still. No fog. No wind. Shirt-sleeve weather. I went to the market for the first time this year without a coat, and just as I got there at 11:00 the Ferry Building clock performed a stirring rendition of the Westminster Chime and sounded the hour. What I really must do is memorize the words and sing them joyously and full-throatedly the next time I’m down there and the clock plays the chime.


Lord through this hour

Be thou our guide

So, by thy power

No foot shall slide.


Bong, bong, bong, bong…..


Then again, considering how my foot has slid….

As I swooped down upon Moua’s beautiful young okra and Bruin’s Brandywines I experienced perspiration. As I gathered nectarines from four vendors I wiped my brow. When I spotted the first haricots verts (painstakingly labeled “Haris Coverts”), I was gasping for breath although that may have been the signage.

By the time I got all this stuff plus some cherries, squash, onions, almond butter, and flats of tayberries and raspberries halfway back to my car on Drumm Street I was nearing heat stroke.

When I stopped at Safeway on the way home to pick up some canning jars and some dill for pickling the Coverts, the parking lot was broiling in the sun. In Safeway, I found the dill, $1.49 for a miserable sprig but not one of the vendors at the Ferry Plaza had any, so what could I do?

Well, I came home and napped all afternoon. It was too hot to work.

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