Grand Opening

The Ferry Plaza opening was gala. The place is beautiful, and I cannot imagine what they were thinking when they covered over that magnificent, 600-foot skylight decades ago. My vendors were at their finest. All the folks visiting were at their finest. Chris was wonderful in his role as bearer, at midpoint making a run to the car to unload purchases made thus far. It was a bit coolish, but still a pretty day, all the more appreciated as it had rained on the previous days and more is expected in the following. Yerena came through, so this afternoon I made tayberry jelly from bespoke under-ripe tayberries. Modesty forbids my describing the taste, but I can note with complete objectivity that Chris and I made little grunting noises as we painstakingly licked the pot, the spoon, the spatula, and the measuring cup that I use as a ladle. I put them all in the dishwasher anyhow even though no visible trace of the jelly remained.

Jars will be distributed in order of niceness. You know who you are. Then again, ratings remain fluid and thus upwardly ratchetable.

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